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9 exercises to work your legs without equipment

9 exercises to work your legs without equipment

By daniele

Feet are an important part of any body type. Keeping your feet in shape is within everyone’s reach. This is a series of leg exercises that focus on different muscle groups in the lower body to strengthen, tone, and tone the legs without leaving home or using the equipment.

Leg exercises at home


Stand with feet apart and place each foot on your shoulders. When facing forward, bend your legs, lower your hips to the floor, holding your feet without lifting them. When lowering, the back should be straight, and the knees and hips should be bent. If the movement is done correctly, the knees should not leave the tips of the toes, and the kneeling should not define an angle of fewer than 90 degrees between the hips and the lower legs. You can hold the position for about 20 seconds. From a point, slowly raise up and lower back down. The weight should be on your heels, not on the ball of your foot. You’ll know you’ve done the leg and glute exercises correctly when you feel strong in your glutes and quads.

Alternating Lunges

Starting position: squats, hands on hips. Alternately extend one leg forward. Remember that the angle of the raised leg should not exceed 90 degrees.

This is the perfect exercise to strengthen legs and tone thighs while maintaining stability. Two sets of 14 repetitions are recommended. You can alternate between stretching and holding the leg, keeping the thigh parallel to the body.


This movement involves a lot of muscles, such as the glutes and quads. This exercise consists of squatting with hands on the floor, and from that position extend the legs backward and return to the starting position. After stretching the legs, we must finish the movement with a straight jump.

Leg cufflinks exercises

Stand on tiptoe and remain static for 20 seconds. Rest for one minute and repeat the exercise 3 times. You can also do a series of exercises to tighten your legs by stretching and contracting your calves. To do this, stand with your toes on a step, stand on tiptoe, and slowly lower yourself until your heel is below the line of the step. In this way, the movement and contraction of the calf will be more extensive.


Standing with legs shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent, we must descend the body to a squat position and place the palms of the hands on the floor in front of the body, extend the legs back and jump back to the starting position as shown in Vitónica.

Other exercises

  • Hip thrust
  • Extended leg circle: standing we can perform this movement which consists of taking one leg off the ground and with the knee extended, performing a circle with the whole leg starting by bringing the foot up and forward, then to the side of the body while going backward and returning to the starting position.
  • Heel raises on the floor
  • Foot touch to one leg

How many repetitions should be performed?

For exclusive hypertrophy work, 3 to 5 sets are recommended, with a repetition range of 7 to 10. If you are looking for strength and hypertrophy, 4 to 6 sets and 4 to 6 repetitions. For maximum strength, 3 to 5 repetitions with a maximum of 3 repetitions.