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Apple Watch SE Review

Apple Watch SE Review

By daniele

The Apple Watch SE, which is in the middle price range, is a perfect smartwatch, but it seems a bit expensive for what it can do.

Title: Apple Watch SE Review

Editors’ Choice for 2022 is the Apple Watch SE, the best smartwatch for the money. It doesn’t have the advanced health sensors or always-on display of the Series 6, but it has what we love about Apple Watch for much less money. But “most people” will still find it to be the best Apple Watch. So, when you ask what you want from an Apple Watch, is it just a device you wear on your wrist that works with your iPhone? If so, you might want to look into the Watch SE, especially if you can get a good deal.

Design and screen of the Apple Watch SE

The look of the Apple Watch SE is pretty much the same as every other Apple Watch. The Apple Watch SE will only come with an aluminium case. The Apple Watch 6 also comes in stainless steel and titanium. You can choose between silver, gold, and space grey finishes. The space grey finish that Apple sent me looks nice and clean. 

The Apple Watch SE has the same screen as the Apple Watch 5, which is 30% bigger than the screen on the Apple Watch 3. However, unlike the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch 5, the SE doesn’t have an option for an always-on display.

Solo Loop

Apple also sent its new Solo Loops. These elastic bands don’t have a clasp, but they can stretch to fit around your wrist. As someone who types a lot, I find that the pin on a traditional against my wrist makes it uncomfortable to wear while working—this problem by making the Solo Loop thinner and more uniform.

The health features of the Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE has always been more concerned with general health than a fitness-only device like a Garmin or Fitbit. And that’s still the case with this new model that costs less. The Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE have the same accelerometer, gyroscope, and always-on altimeter. It also has features that the Apple Watch 3 doesn’t have, like fall detection, noise monitoring, emergency SOS, and international emergency calling.

The Apple Watch SE is a smartwatch.

The Apple Watch SE, like all other Apple Watches, does best regarding smartwatch features. Apple has the most apps of any smartwatch, making the SE a valid extension of your phone on your wrist. I could control my smart home devices from the Apple Watch SE, make and take phone calls, look up directions, play music, and do much more.

If your apps are on your Apple Watch, it takes longer than it should to find the one you want from the main screen of apps. You can move the app icons around and put them in groups, but there is no other way to organize them.