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Best Exercise Equipment for Inner Thighs

Best Exercise Equipment for Inner Thighs

By daniele

When you think about working out your inner thighs, no one can’t blame you if you picture someone squeezing a Thigh Master.

Best Exercise Equipment for Inner Thighs

Though you may have worked hard to get rid of fat, you may think an inner thigh workout at the gym would help shape the muscle and define your legs. It’s not hard to focus on the strengths inside your upper legs. Your hip adductors, the muscles inside your thighs, are made up of five forces. Use these best exercise equipment for inner thighs from trainers who know what they’re doing to pay attention to both.

Adduction Lever

The lever seated hip adduction machine looks like the leg machine for inner thighs where you sit and put your legs apart on either side of padded portion rests. You sit down and press your legs together against the resistance that the machine gives you.

The Cable Machine

You can use a cable machine to tone your inner thighs by attaching an ankle cuff or handle to the lower pulley on the stack and then buckling the cuff or putting one foot through the handle. Turn your body so that the weight stack is on the same side as where the machine is attached. Let your weighted leg slowly move back to the starting position. Control the movement; don’t let the weight jerk your leg back.

Sledge Hip

If you want to work your inner thighs, try the hip sledge. It’s all about where your feet are on the platform. Sit in the hip sledge like you usually do, and put your feet on the platform by lifting them. When you bring the weight down toward your body, you’ll feel how the angle works on your inner thighs.

Smith Machine

By changing your stance, you can use the Smith machine Equipment for Inner Thighs to simultaneously work your glutes and inner thighs. As with a regular squat, your feet should be shoulder-width apart, but to work your inner thighs, you should point your toes outward, as if you were about to do a plié in ballet.

Bottom Line

When you squat down, your inner thighs will stretch, and when you press back up to the starting position, you’ll feel how hard they have to work. ACE Fitness suggests doing squats instead if you feel like you’re putting too much stress on your knees, lower back, or shoulders.