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Best fitness trackers in 2022

Best fitness trackers in 2022

By daniele

The best fitness trackers in 2022 aren’t just glorified pedometers; these impressive bits of kit do so much more.

Fitness tracking is great for staying motivated, but keep in mind that even the most sophisticated activity tracker will not do the work for you. Regardless of your health and fitness goals, any activity trackers on this list will help you achieve peak performance. Check out our list of the best fitness trackers in 2022 with recommendations if you want more intelligent features and advanced fitness insights.

Series 7 Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 7 is considered the default smartwatch if you have the money to spend. That risks obscuring what makes it so distinctive. This is the only watch series with a dedicated fan base to support a genuinely vibrant app scene. Searching the App Store for new yoga, mindfulness, and gym apps are worthwhile. Check out Apple’s Fitness+ service if you’re willing to pay a subscription and enjoy working out at home.

Charge 5 Fitbit

Fitbit’s latest tracker is the Charge 5. It includes several exciting features typically reserved for more expensive devices, such as an ECG heart rate monitor. The bright, always-on colour touch screen on the Fitbit Charge 4 is a significant upgrade. Indirect sunlight is simple to read. It is ideal for use during a HIIT workout or while hiking. However, we discovered that the lack of physical buttons made it difficult to navigate while running.

5th Amazfit Band

The Amazfit Band 5 is a $50 fitness tracker that promises many of this year’s premium smartwatch features at a fraction of the cost. It measures blood oxygen (SpO2) and monitors stress. High heart rate alerts, Amazon Alexa integration, sleep tracking, and other features are found in high-end offerings.

Vvomove Sport by Garmin

When selecting a fitness tracker, it is common to consider both the proprietary software and the hardware. Fitbit’s app is very user-friendly. I have found one of the most comprehensive digital health apps. For example, if you discover that you enjoy running, it integrates easily with Strava. As a result, Garmin’s newest entry-level smartwatch is one of my top picks for a first fitness tracker despite its unassuming appearance.

Fitness Tracker Letsfit

Letsfit’s smartwatch is a replica of the Fitbit Versa, right down to the typeface on the watch face. Still, the differences are apparent to anyone who has used (and loved) a genuine Versa. The latch is made of cheap plastic, the tracked metrics on the watch face are essential, and the VeryFitPro app is unappealing and difficult to use.

These are some of the best fitness trackers in 2022. When purchasing a fitness tracker, you should first assess your requirements. What do you want to monitor? A simpler, less expensive fitness tracker will suffice if you only intend to use it at the gym to track your steps and heart rate.