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Best PS4 Workout Games in 2022

Best PS4 Workout Games in 2022

By daniele

While most PS4 workout games in 2022 put you in a lonely position, the system also has several excellent titles to keep you moving and working up a sweat.

Christmas has come and gone, which implies three things. First and foremost, many of you are stuffed from eating Who pudding and rare roast beasts. Second, it’s far too cold to go outside and work out. Third, many of you discovered brand new PSVR and PlayStation 4 units among the three. Below is a list of the best PS4 workout games in 2022.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is the best video game workout for the PSVR and one of the best video game workouts ever. The idea is deceptively simple: you hold a Move controller in each hand, and as blocks come at you, you swipe in the right direction to the beat of some catchy music. Think of it as a hand-held Dance Dance Revolution. This isn’t your dad’s DDR, that’s for sure. VR gives you a lot of control, so you don’t have to “swipe and pray” as you did with every other motion-control game before. As long as your camera is set up in the right place, the game can track your entire range of motion as you swipe your lightsabers and duck to avoid big blocks. 

BoxVR (PS4)

Boxercise is a viral activity, and BoxVR is designed to bring the high-intensity interval training that is a part of it into your home. This tool was made to help you work out. It keeps detailed stats on your performance and has hundreds of choreographed workouts created by professionals. The main goal is to break blocks with various jabs and uppercuts, just like in Beat Saber. Importantly, this game is constantly getting new content, music, and programs, and it works best when paired with a good set of wrist weights.

Creed: Rise to Glory (PS4)

If you’re not the person who likes going to the gym, then CREED: Rise to Glory will give you the drive to stay in the shape that you need. While games like BoxVR don’t have much to look at, this movie tie-in puts you in the ring with Rocky Balboa himself. What could you want more of? As a fitness tool, this isn’t as good as BoxVR, which is more tailored to your needs, but the boxercise principles still apply, and a few rounds of this fun PSVR game will burn a lot of calories.

Just Dance 2022 (PS4).

Dancing is the most fun way to stay in shape, and Ubisoft has taken advantage of that with its Just Dance series. Even though nothing changes from year to year, Just Dance 2022 has songs by Olivia Rodrigo and Dua Lipa and a new fitness-focused mode called Sweat that tracks your performance and gives you detailed feedback on how many calories you’ve burned. You can track your movements with PS Move controllers or a smartphone, so it’s easy to use no matter what hardware you have.

What are the best PS4 workout games in 2022 that you can use to exercise at home and lose weight? Have you worked out at home with any of these titles? If so, did they help? Clean up in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out our guide to the best PS4 games.