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Best smart scales in 2022

Best smart scales in 2022

By daniele

Smart scales can tell you more than just your weight. They can tell you how much body fat you have, how dense your bones are, and more.

Best smart scales in 2022

The best smart scales in 2022 do much more than measuring your weight. They are interactive tools that can help you lose weight, gain muscle, or change other body parts. A smart scale makes it easier to keep track of how your overall health and fitness change over time. This lets you change your diet, exercise routines, and sleep habits to meet your needs better.

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is the best smart scale you can buy right now, according to us. It is easy to set up and gives you accurate and consistent information about your body composition that you can easily track in the Mi Fit app on your phone. The design is sleek and straightforward. The display is bright to read while standing up.

Eufy Smart Scale C1

The Eufy Smart Scale C1 is fast and easy to set up, which is a nice change. Install the app, type in your name, height, and gender, and you’re ready to get on the scale. It takes less than a minute, and the scale can track up to 16 people (it will person according to their weight and body stats). The weight and body composition data matched what the professional scales at our gym showed, and the results were the same each time we weighed in.

Withings Body+

The Withings Body+ is another tremendous smart scale with everything you need to track your health and weight. Setup isn’t as easy as with the Eufy Smart Scale C1, but it’s still simple. If you have other Withings devices, like a Withings Scanwatch, all of their data will be in one dashboard, along with the information from your scale.

Withings Body Cardio

The Withings Body Cardio is the most advanced smart scale that the company makes. Not only does it provide accurate measurement of your weight, muscle mass, body fat, etc., but it can also give you an idea of your overall cardiovascular health and help you take steps to improve it.

The scale can measure the heart rate at rest and the speed of the pulse waves. A lower heart rate usually means that you are healthier, and the speed of your pulse waves shows how flexible your arteries are.

Bottom Line

All of the best smart scales of 2022 we looked at here let more than one person sync their data with the right app, so everyone in your family can use them. The scales either use Bluetooth to recognize each user’s phone or use the person’s previous weight to make a good guess about who is standing on them. To the wrong account, which is annoying. This is especially likely if two people in the same household weigh about the same.