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Fitbit Sense Review

Fitbit Sense Review

By daniele

The Fitbit Sense is a smartwatch that looks good and can help you deal with the stress of modern life.

Fitbit Sense Review

The Fitbit Sense is an ambitious smartwatch that seems like a good fit for these stressful times because it focuses as much on mental health as it does on tracking workouts. The software could be better, but if you want to practice mindfulness and take small steps toward a healthier lifestyle, the Sense could be the perfect tool to help you get there.

Battery life and being able to connect

The battery can last up to six days before it needs to again. However, it only lasts about two days if the screen is always on, calls and notifications, and more advanced health monitoring features. I had to charge it every other night before bed with everything on, and it had to run a few times a week to track my walks and sleep. The screen was on, and the GPS was working during a 26-minute run, which used up 6% of the battery. 


Even though Fitbit Sense has a sustainability statement, it didn’t answer any of the Guardian’s questions about sustainability. Other smartwatch batteries usually last for at least 500 charges and discharges and keep at least 80% of their original power. Repair experts at iFixit gave Sense a five out of ten for being easy to fix. However, Fitbit doesn’t offer any repair services outside the warranty period, such as for broken screens or battery replacement, which also takes away a star. It comes with a charging cable but not a power adaptor.

Everyday health

The ECG feature works a lot like similar ones from other brands. Hold your fingers on the metal band around the screen for 30 seconds to use it. Advertisement Photo by Samuel Gibbs for The Guardian The Sense is full of features that help you stay healthy and fit. It keeps track of your heart rate every five seconds, counts your steps and active time, and alerts you when your heart rate is too high or too low. It also reminds you to move and sets daily activity goals. 

Bottom Line

Fitbit Sense fitness tracking features are also excellent, especially if you want to train using different heart rate zones. There are many ways to track your activity, and when the watch and Fitbit app give you a set of stats relevant to your workout.