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Healthy Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

Healthy Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

By daniele

A combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises is very important to gain muscle mass, likewise a healthy and balanced diet must be included, protein being one of the most important ingredients to achieve this.

Each person’s lifestyle, genetics, and fitness goals contribute to this process as everyone is different, however, some foods are always great options to consider during the process of gaining muscle mass.

It is very important that you have in your training plan and diet what is necessary to build muscle and strength. Now let’s look at some foods that you can consume along with fruits and vegetables for the purpose of gaining muscle mass:

Lean meat:

One of the products with the most protein that can be found is animal meat, especially turkey and chicken meat, which are lean meats. These foods have plenty of amino acids and being a low-fat food option, which contributes to the recovery of muscle mass and its growth.


A single egg contains around 6 g of protein, which means that the egg is one of the best protein source products that we can find. In the same way, the egg includes vitamins D and B2, and the 9 essential amino acids that work very well for the development of muscle mass.

Dairy products:

Products such as yogurt, cheese and milk have a lot of protein, with around 20g of protein and also offer calcium, which makes these products ideal, especially for athletes and sportspeople, and something very important is that their preparation is minimal, making them easy to obtain, prepare and consume.


Fish are also rich in protein, as well as have fatty acids such as omega-3, which contributes to a healthy and well-balanced diet for everyone, especially oily fish such as tuna or salmon.

Whole grains:

In order to maintain energy throughout the day, whole grains are one of the most important products, since they also contain nutrients such as glucose, which comes from carbohydrates, as well as amino acids that help the growth of muscle mass; some whole grains are brown rice and bread, which also include fiber.

Beans and lentils:

There are plants that are also proteins, and in this case we find beans and lentils, which help to replace meat and can be combined with other cereals such as rice. Also, in case you want to substitute protein sources for some that are vegan, you can do it with nuts, seeds and tofu.

Whey protein:

This whey protein can be included in shakes, oatmeal or milkshakes, and can even be found in products that are already ready, such as yogurts, or whey bars; this is a great option to consume protein in case you want to make it easier and faster.

Protein is a very important element to be able to achieve the growth and progress of muscle mass, however, there is one that is much more effective and beneficial, this is whey protein, which you can include depending on your client and style of life.

This protein is one of the most consumed by athletes since they are easier and faster as well as the body absorbs them faster. For example, in case your time is very short to be able to concentrate on food to achieve more muscle mass, whey protein is a very good option since you do not need a preparation to consume it. Similarly, whey protein has a significant amount of BCAAs, which makes the muscles recover effectively after a workout.

Diet and food is a very important factor for the development of muscle mass, however, this is not the only thing to work on, training and physical activity is also very important.


Exercises like light cardio, resistance training, or strength training are important and essential for building muscle and muscle mass. If you need a guide to know what exercises you can do, you can have a personal trainer, so that with the help of the trainer you can do the necessary exercises for your muscles.


Drinking water before, during and after training is very important, since this makes the body transport the nutrients it eats to its muscles, and this causes the muscles to develop in the best way.


An essential part of the process for muscle mass is rest and that the muscles recover in the best way, which leads us to the importance of sleep. When you sleep your muscles regenerate, which reduces injuries and helps you perform better in your training.