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How Does Running Improve Your Health

How Does Running Improve Your Health

By daniele

Why is running so popular? It is simple to do and can be done anywhere and at any time. And running improves your health, too.

Many experts think that the way our bodies are built is because we evolved to be excellent long-distance runners. We can run mile after mile because of how our hips and feet are shaped, how long our legs are, how our spinal discs absorb shock, and how we can sweat. So maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that running is strongly linked to several health benefits for our bodies and brains. Experts often say that exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug. Running is a simple way to get the essential health benefits of exercise because it is a form of cardio exercise that is easy to do.

Running is a great way to improve heart health because it makes you more aerobically fit. Also, it burns calories and can make you stronger, among other things. There is also a long list of mental benefits that come from running. If you haven’t run in a while, it can be hard to get back into it. But once your body and mind get used to the change, running can make you feel happy, calm, and accessible. I just finished my first half-marathon, so I can confirm that this is true. Several experienced runners told me something that helped me during my race: remember that you’re running to have fun.

Even a 30-minute run can help relieve depression symptoms and boost mood. Here are some of the ways how running improves your health

Better sleep

Getting enough good sleep is essential for your health. When you sleep, your body fixes itself, so you feel good when you wake up. But don’t run too late in the day if you can help it. This could make it hard for you to sleep at night. Endorphins, which help relieve pain or stress, are released when you do aerobic exercise. These make your brain work, which may keep you awake.

Running Improves Markers of Health

Running improves health indicators like blood pressure, resting heart rate, blood sugar control, triglycerides, cholesterol, waist circumference, and body fat percentage. Getting better at these things can lower your risk of getting sick and make you feel healthier overall.

Running gets rid of stress.

Going outside and pounding the pavement or trail is a great way to relieve stress and tension. Running can lower your cortisol levels, making you feel less stressed.

Improved memory

If you find yourself forgetting things, go for a run. It has both immediate and long-term effects on your brain. When you do aerobics, your heart rate goes up, and you sweat. This can make your hippocampus, the part of the brain that helps you remember and learn new things, bigger.

Fewer colds

If you find yourself forgetting things, go for a run. It has both immediate and long-term effects on your brain. If you do aerobic exercises like running at least five times a week, your chances of getting an upper respiratory infection decrease by 43%.

Better mood and energy

People often run to make themselves feel better. The exercise helps improve your mood, focus, and quality of life. Runner’s high happens.

We’ve heard thousands of stories from runners about how running improves your health. Take one step at a time, and you can get where you want to go–in a marathon, in pursuing your educational aspirations, in founding a new business, recovering from loss and disease, etc. Running isn’t easy, nor is life. Nope. Running is measurable; we can see where we started and how far we’ve come. Effort produces results, and no action makes nothing. Worth it.