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How to choose which Apple Watch to buy

How to choose which Apple Watch to buy

By daniele

The Apple Watch is an excellent tool for health, fitness, and communication, but there’s a lot to consider before buying one.

How to choose which Apple Watch to buy?

If you have an iPhone, the best accessory to wear with it is the Apple Watch. The only thing to decide is which version to get. The Apple watches look the same and have features that change over time. Here, we talk about how to choose which Apple Watch to buy.

The best Apple Watch for people who like to be outside

Wristcam is an excellent choice for people who like to be outside and take pictures simultaneously. Wristcam has put a camera on an Apple Watch. More specifically, it is a brilliant strap for the Apple Watch with an 8MP camera on the back and a 2MP camera on the front. There are also two microphones to record the sound, an 8GB battery, and a built-in battery.

If you like being outside, you might worry about how long the Wristcam strap will last. Even though the belt is only 33 grams, we’re happy to say it’s solid. It has an IP68 rating, which means it can stand up to water and dust. So, if you want to go hiking, ride your bike on a trail, or jump in a lake and take pictures simultaneously, Wristcam has you covered.

The Best Apple Watch If You Don’t Have Much Money

If your budget is low and the Series 3’s lower price makes you want to buy it, there are better options. You can buy a used Apple Watch or one fixed up.

Also, this is a good choice if you aren’t sure about the smartwatch and whether you will keep it for a long time. For one, you’ll get new hardware that works well with watchOS 8. For two, if you’re unsure about the device, you must buy a new one. Accessories like stainless steel, titanium case, or sapphire glass can add hundreds to the final price.

Which Apple Watch is best for your kids?

For your child, it’s best to get an Apple Watch that can connect to a cell phone. We think you should buy an Apple Watch SE, Series 4, 5, or 6. These watches are more petite and likely to fit their wrists better. Also, if your child tends to break things, the lower price will make you feel better.

Since the Watch is for kids, you should use Family Setup, which gives parents more control over the device. To use the Family Setup, you need to meet specific technical requirements, such as being able to connect to a cellular network. Because of this, we recommend the Apple Watch SE, Series 4,5, or 6.


Apple Watches are very personal devices that can do many things, like share health data, track sleep and blood oxygen levels, play podcasts and news, and take photos and videos. There are a few different Apple Watch models, so choosing which Apple Watch to buy is essential.