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How to Dress for Running in the Cold

How to Dress for Running in the Cold

By daniele

Proper dress for running in the cold can make or break your run, and you must be careful when sweating in freezing temperatures.

How to Dress for Running in the Cold

We all know it’s harder to go out for a run in the winter because it’s cold and dark. But it’s always worth it if you can get out from under the duvet and stay away from the couch. After a run in the winter, you feel better about yourself than after a run in better weather. It just feels like it’s always worth it. And if you’re training for a marathon in the spring or want to stick to a routine, dressing for running in the cold will help you a lot when the days get longer.

On cold days, it’s essential to keep your head, ears, neck, and other exposed parts covered and to wear a hat that pulls moisture away from your scalp. You also want to keep the cold and wind off your skin and keep frostbite, chapped skin, and lips from happening.

Hat or ear warmers

A fleece or wool hat is the best way to keep your head warm during winter runs. If you feel like you’re getting too hot, it’s easy to tuck it into your pants. A hat with a brim or visor can also protect you from the sun and rain. Fleece earmuffs can keep your ears from getting frostbite and let your head’s sweat evaporate.

Neck Gaiter or Bandana

On a cold, windy day, a neck gaiter, like the ones skiers wear, can protect your neck and face very well. You can pull it over your mouth to warm the air you’re breathing, which is especially helpful when you start running. Some runners cover their mouths with a simple scarf to do the same thing.

A Buff is another option. It is a tube made of microfiber fabric that can help in many different ways, including as a balaclava.

Balaclava or Face Mask

A balaclava is a type of headwear covering your whole head, leaving only your face, part of it, or sometimes just your eyes visible. It is also called a ski mask. They are usually made of fleece or wool and are only needed when the temperature or wind chill is below 10 degrees F.

Face masks made for working out can also help you stay hidden. They are made to let air in and be comfortable and protect you from cold air, pollen, and other things that might bother you.

Help for Skin and Lips

When it’s cold and windy, your lips can get chapped, and your skin can get cracks. Use balm or petroleum jelly to protect your lips. Wear sunscreen because you can get a sunburn from the winter sun and how it reflects off the snow. You can also put petroleum jelly on your nose, cheeks, or anywhere else on your face to prevent windburn and chap.

Bottom Line

Layering is the best way to dress for running in the cold. Layers not only keep body heat in but also let sweat move through the layers and keep you from getting too hot. Use three layers to keep the top part of your body dry and warm. To enjoy your winter runs, you should consider what you wear on your legs. Since our legs warm up quickly, you don’t need as many layers on your lower body.