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How to turn off text notifications on Fitbit inspire

How to turn off text notifications on Fitbit inspire

By daniele

Since the company’s beginnings, the term Fitbit inspires has been virtually indistinguishable from fitness trackers.

How to turn off text notifications on Fitbit inspire?

The best fitness tracker for lifting weights is the Fitbit inspire. It only uses your voice to set alarms and remind you of things to do before bed. Whether at the gym or the office, you can keep an eye on things with this versatile and modern watch. It has a mode that shows your stats all the time. Now the question is how to turn off text notifications on Fitbit inspire?

You can turn off specific notifications within the Fitbit inspire app or turn off all notifications using the quick settings menu on the Inspire. When you turn off all notifications, your tracker will not vibrate, and your phone’s screen will not light up when it receives a notice. This applies to both your tracker and your phone. Simply pressing and holding the buttons on your tracker will turn off all notifications.

Sync your Fitbit inspire

Open the Fitbit app and select the Today tab. Your device picture. Tap the Notifications button, and then deactivate all of the notifications. Restart your phone. Launch the Fitbit app, go to the Notifications menu and toggle them back on. Finally, sync your Fitbit device.

To turn off text notifications on Fitbit inspire, open the Fitbit app and hit the Account icon on the dashboard.

  • Use the tracker you have.
  • Select the Notifications option.
  • You can disable notifications by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.


  1. Open the Fitbit app.
  2. Tap your image icon.
  3. Tap Inspire 2.
  4. Tap Notification.
  5. Disable or enable your notifications.

Do Not Disturb While using the Fitbit inspire Exercise app. It would help if you silenced all notifications or selected the option to have them do not disturb mode activated automatically. Double Tap You can choose whether your tracker will wake up when you give it a firm double tap or not. Please be aware that turning off your screen for at least ten seconds is required for this setting to take effect.