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Tips to run properly

Tips to run properly

By daniele

Despite being born without the skills or knowledge to run, we were born to do it, to be able to learn how to run properly, either to know the basics of this activity or if you are a runner who wants to know more about running. It may seem like a common sport, but it is a bit more complicated to know exactly what it is like and how a runner achieves it and what he does.

To begin, it is very important to understand the posture that our body has when we run, since, for example, having the head high, the abdomen tucked in, the shoulders open and in a good position, and the hips forward, these positions help a lot to be able to run in the best way. Also, with the feet and ankles, it is important to have the knees relaxed so that the weight is distributed on the bones and does not hurt the bones, and to make sure that the knees are not fully extended; with the foot it is very important that it lands under the body while it has already started to move backwards, you can practice doing the running exercise in place, to know if the foot lands under the body, as well as you can practice running in place but bringing your knees up to your hips for about 10-15 seconds so it’s not so hard, and in the same way you can run in place, bringing your heels back and leaving your hands behind your body so you can tap them with your heels. After you get enough practice doing these exercises in place, you can start to move slightly and run starting with about 15 to 20 meters.

Now let’s see some tips to know more about how to run correctly:


It is important that the stomach is turned in while you are running, this while standing up straight as well as your shoulders that are in a straight position, this position and action not only makes you see better when running, but it also makes you running easier, since, for example, having your stomach tucked in, your pelvis can rotate and help you bring your hips towards your chest and you can also raise your knees better while running.


The hips are very important, as they help bring the knees forward, however, you have to be careful that the hips are in a good position behind to help the body move on the feet.


The most ideal thing is that the shoulders are straight but at the same time they should be relaxed, since if they are tense they will cause it to be more difficult to breathe, likewise, each movement that comes from the shoulders should lead to the movement of the arms towards the front , and not to tense the movement or to prevent it.


The arms are very important and help to run better and easier, making both the shoulders and the hips have good movement. The elbows should be in line with the torso, and the hands should be relaxed, and the arms should go back and forth. A good practice would be to stand straight and still and start to move your arms back and forth so that they are right by the sides of your torso, this will give you concentration so that your shoulders are relaxed.


The head is important since it helps to align the whole body, having it in a bad position or, for example, looking down, makes the step more complicated and the knees are not in the best position; like if your head is back, that’s going to cause you to strike with your heel and pass long. The head should always be looking forward, keeping your head up is essential.


Breathing is a fundamental part of being able to run correctly, it is necessary that the full capacity of the lungs be used when running, if you can practice breathing to feel that the lungs fill with the necessary air, you can also realize with the movement from your stomach when the lungs fill or empty with air.