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Websites to Find an Online Personal Trainer

Websites to Find an Online Personal Trainer

By daniele

In this day and age, having an online personal trainer is more than welcome than it has ever been.

Websites to Find an Online Personal Trainer

When you have a professional who knows what kind of exercise will give you the best results and is willing to push you further, you’re one step closer to reaching your goals. On the other hand, you can steal in today’s world if you’re a personal trainer with the proper online presence. Check out these websites to find an online personal trainer.

Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong is a personal training site for women that focuses on their health, strength, and ability to take care of themselves. As you can see above, their website’s images and header do a great job of making an immediate connection with women.

The website then tells you exactly what they do (health and fitness coaching and certifications for women) and gives you some serious social proof (Yale, Johns Hopkins, Time, ABC, Today, Women’s Health, and more have all recommended them). Because of these, people who visit a website know precisely where they are and that they can trust this brand.

Big Dawgs

Example of the Big Dawgs personal trainer website. Big Dawgs is a website for athletes that is all about personal training. They do an excellent job of using a motivating tone when talking to their target audience, especially at the top of the site where it says in big letters.

They also say who would be a good fit for their coaching services by saying that they work with athletes of all ages and fitness levels, from “weekend warriors to athletes training for small to large competitions.”

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Services

Forge Nutrition is an online personal trainer website. Forge’s fitness and nutrition coaching are for people who are just starting or who don’t have access to a gym or other fancy equipment. And they immediately connect with this trainer by using a picture of a woman working out with only an exercise mat, phone, and water bottle.

That’s very different from the picture on the Big Dawgs site of a trainer seeing someone lifting weights at a gym. But it works because Big Dawgs is for serious athletes, and Forge is for regular people.


Trainiac gives you weekly customised workouts and one-on-one coaching from a certified personal trainer. At the top of their website, in bold text, it says, “Get a coach. Get consistent. Get results.” The video above the fold is one of the best parts of Traniac’s website. It shows a man and a woman using the Traniac program, with one working out at a gym and the other at home. The video shows each user’s training plan and how they talk to a coach.

Bottom Line

In today’s world, it’s not hard to find an online personal trainer. Use it to your advantage and quickly get more clients: look at the best examples of personal trainer websites to get ideas.