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What are some fitness technologies

What are some fitness technologies

By daniele

In 2022, Many of us want to start high note regarding fitness. Fans of fitness technologies have more options than ever.

Since 2016, fitness technology has been one of the industries with the fastest growth. However, the pandemic may have caused the industry to grow even quicker than before. In the months after the pandemic, people into fitness started combining their wearables with workouts they could do at home or outside, like cross-functional training, kickboxing, piloting, and other new ideas. As the pandemic ends in 2022, technology has helped the industry improve its online and offline services. Here are some fitness technologies that will become popular in the next few months:

Meditation and mindfulness technology

Since the pandemic started in 2020, four out of ten US adults worry about mental health. This is because our way of life has by things like closing schools, more people working from home, and general anxiety. This has led to more people wanting to learn how to relax, meditate, and be more aware, and a rise in technology-based solutions. More than 3 million people use meditation apps every day, and many popular health platforms, like Fitbit, now have features that help track and improve stress and other mental health factors. 

Next-gen wearable technologies

The global market for wearable tech is already worth more than $32.63 billion. Analysts think it will grow even more in the years to come. People find valuable wearable tech because they want to learn more about their fitness journeys. People can keep track of their progress over time with devices they can wear. They can keep track of progress in:

  • Heart rate at rest
  • BMI \sFlexibility
  • Strength, speed, and endurance

As your guests get better at working out, the next generation of wearable tech will give you even more helpful information. If you sell them at your gym, it might make it more appealing for your members to work out there.

Better and brighter home fitness technology

Covid-19 is still a big worry, so many of us will continue working out at home instead of going to a public gym until the first half of 2022. During the pandemic, companies like Peloton did very well because of the demand for home fitness technology. If CES 2022 is any indication, this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Peloton’s gamified exercise bikes now have a lot of rivals, like the SoulCycle At-Home, which has the unique selling point of encouraging the rider to sync their cycling workout with the sound of music.

Consider your exercise space and storage space before purchasing any equipment. You’ll also want to think about this exercise you want to do at home and the data you want to track. We selected some fitness technologies tech gear for our list based on the types of workouts they support, online workout access, what types of monitoring it provides, and any space-saving features.