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What are the benefits of using Strava

What are the benefits of using Strava

By daniele

Strava is the Swedish word for “strive,” The company describes it as a place for athletes to connect.

What are the benefits of using Strava?

Strava toward athletes only. Strava gives you a lot of ways to look at your performance and, more importantly, keep track of your training. Strava’s social features depend a lot on what you do, but generally, it’s a tool for people who work out. It is helpful because it is a platform that all athletes can use, no matter what device or platform they use to record their sports data. Here are some benefits of using Strava. A warning, though, Strava can be very addictive.

Your friends are using it.

Most likely, some of your friends already use Strava. You don’t want to miss out, do you? There are also a lot of professional cyclists who use it if you want to get some ideas and see how fast you can ride a bike.

It’s no cost

Most smartphones let you get the app and install it. You don’t need any special hardware. Just download the app, press “Start,” and you’re ready to go. It will track your ride using the GPS data from your phone. Benefits of using Strava with several GPS cycling computers if you don’t have a smartphone. There’s also a paid version that costs money yearly and has more stuff.

It’s a nice place to live.

You can follow other people and cheer them on with kudos and comments. This gives your training a social element, which is helpful if you usually ride alone. You can also join clubs and become part of a cycling community in your area or further away. The most appealing thing about Strava is how social it is for many people. Even more, road. Cc has a club. Join us. Go on. (link goes outside)

It will get you going.

Strava challenges, which happen once a month, are a unique feature that helps many cyclists get out on their bikes even when the weather or their motivation isn’t great. There are challenges for every kind of cyclist, from climbing to going the farthest distance.

Keep track of your progress and changes.

The benefits of using Strava have many tools to help you keep track of your progress. For example, you can use a training calendar to add up your miles every month or analyze your heart rate and power data if you want to get into much more detail. If you like things simple, the suffer score gives a rough idea of how hard a ride is if you use your heart rate. You can also use the Route Builder to plan cycling routes and local cycling knowledge to highlight famous roads and segments.